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Successful project preparation

  • Here are some recommendations you should consider prior to an implementation project:
    • Try to integrate your management as soon as possible as proactive support for the build-up of a Wiki management system
    • Talk to your IT about the integration of Confluence® in the IT architecture®
    • Inform your work council about the collaborative process approach
    • Conduct interviews with stakeholders in your organization to learn about expectations and gain supporters
    • Talk to your marketing experts to find an "sexy" synonym for your new QM documentation
  • The main difference between classic QM documentation and Qualitäts-Wiki lies in the early participation of employees. Plan sufficient capacities for trainings and process work.
  • The role profile of the quality manager changes with Qualitäts-Wiki: from administrator to designer of the system architecture. This transformation needs skills in communication, motivation and process management.

Reliable project management

  • We work on schedule. Our projects are solidly planned, clearly structured and start and end according to the project plan.
  • Project progress is monitored through milestone reviews including reporting to the management
  • Your internal targets will serve as project targets which are realized via milestones
  • With our digital project methods we can react in realtime, even if we are not on-site sind wir in Echtzeit ansprechbar, auch wenn wir nicht vor Ort sind
  • Your trust in project results is in good hands

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Wiki implementation phases

Installation of Confluence® and selected add-ons, connection to the active directory and mail server. If you need support, our IT project manager can assist.

Architecture of Qualitäts-Wiki with homepage, process templates, roles / rights concept and user information. Customization of corporate design, logo, favicon and color scheme.

Employees receive trainings and tutorials for self depended process description. Existing documentation will be evaluated and transferred. Process descriptions aggregate in a process landscape and will be published via an approval workflow.

In workshops with quality department solutions for ISO requirements are developed and documented. We provide extensive best practices and secure compliance by conducting system audits.

The rollout is communicated by user benefits of the Wiki management system. Each employee learns his/her personal role and options in the Qualitäts-Wiki as well as objectives and impact of quality management. For these contents we provide video training modules for effective e-learning without time and place limitations.

Preparation of employees for the external audit process and systematic selection of suitable auditors. Internal audits and reviews ensure identification and closing of possible gaps prior to certification.

Our customer LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG about it‘s BPM with Wiki:

"Unser interaktiver Ansatz für Prozessmanagement durch gemeinsame Prozessarbeit der Process Owner und ihrer Teams wird durch die Wiki Plattform optimal unterstützt. Einfache Kollaboration an Prozessinhalten mit intelligenter Vernetzung und integriertem Aufgabenmanagement sind ohne großen Trainingsaufwand schnell möglich!"

Katja Büttner-Kraus
Direktorin Business Process Excellence,
LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG

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