Prozess-Wiki: Features

  • Automated history of process changes with versioning
  • Easy-to-use text and design editors for self dependent process design
  • Individually configurable review and approval workflow
  • Fostering process improvements via comments
  • Process communication via sharing, bookmarking and blog
  • Analysis and storage of indicator measuring results in Prozess-Wiki (e.g. performance and risk indicators)
  • Reporting for edit, review and approval tasks
  • Multilingualism easily operated with page tabs
  • Prozess-Wiki supports different design and notation standards (e.g. BPMN, swimlane, UML)
  • Support of decentralized organization structures (e.g. multiple process landscapes)
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Prozess-Wiki: Benefit

Easy-to-use BPM system with processes that improve iteratively by employee participation

Executives and employees design their processes in own wording

Easy-to-use design editor that enables your staff for process modelling

Train your staff on process contents from Prozess-Wiki, e.g. with video tutorial instructions

All standards for process execution can be described, referenced, linked and uploaded in Prozess-Wiki



  • Business case study about LSG Sky Chefs (german).
  • How your road to Wiki can look like.
  • You can apply for a free test account for Prozess-Wiki here.
  • You will find answers for frequently asked questions about Prozess-Wiki here.
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Our customer LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG about it‘s BPM with Wiki:

"Unser interaktiver Ansatz für Prozessmanagement durch gemeinsame Prozessarbeit der Process Owner und ihrer Teams wird durch die Wiki Plattform optimal unterstützt. Einfache Kollaboration an Prozessinhalten mit intelligenter Vernetzung und integriertem Aufgabenmanagement sind ohne großen Trainingsaufwand schnell möglich!"

Katja Büttner-Kraus
Direktorin Business Process Excellence,
LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG

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