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analyze demand

  • Determine your initial situation and your target situation with the following questions:
    • Which significance has your current management system?
    • For which of the "3 A" you currently see room for improvement: acceptance, currentness and attractiveness?
    • Which are the expectations of internal parties (MD, process owner, user) towards your QM system?
    • Which are the potential performance and effectiveness of your QM system?
  • A Wiki management system is effective when it is consequently tailored to the demand
  • Let us know, if you see a special situation in your organization. We are experienced from many projects
  • In case you intend to build-up a new QM system, these questions can help to evaluate the target situation:
    • Which factors led to the decision to implement a QM system?
    • Which expectations has management towards a QM system, beyond the purpose of certification?
    • Which current challenges do you see in your organization and how can a QM system contribute to solve them?
  • You are welcome to analyze your demand with our support

Home Qualitäts-Coaching Linsinger

experience hands-on

  • For an own impression of the look & feel of a Wiki management system you can apply for a free personal test account to our demo versions of "Qualitäts-Wiki" and "Prozess-Wiki" here
  • The demo version features some functionalities of our products which you can try out for a firsthand experience
  • After submitting the application form you will receive your personal credentials valid for 14 days via E-mail
Home Qualitäts-Coaching Linsinger

sample live

  • After testing the Qualitäts-Wiki, it is time for more details and best practices
  • During this presentation we guide you through the productive system of one of our clients to experience the benefits live
  • We invite you to an online presentation (remote or on-site). Selected member from your team can see a presentation of background information on Qualitäts-Wiki
  • Thereby we can match product impressions with the demand of your organization
  • Once you are convinced of the Qualitäts-Wiki we generate a quote for an implementation project