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Wiki consolidates all information on one platform and cross-links it logically. With a powerful search engine and numerous options to subscribe information (favorite, feeds) you can get fast to the information you seek. This easy to use application enhances the benefit for each user and fosters acceptance.

There has never ever been an incident of false content in one of our Wiki installations throughout all projects. This is due to traceability of content. Another reason is the approval workflow, which steers all new content in a 4-eye-priciple before publication.

There are two options: you can enter ach language version of content and display it comfortably on different page tabs. Or you can use automated translator services for less effort but reduced quality of results.

You motivate people by giving them opportunities they do not have today to improve their work perception. This might be the option to write blogs to inform employees for the CEO. Process owners might use the possibility for online process instructions for new team members. And workers can see added value in the option to enter their improvement ideas during lunch break in the Wiki.

Exclusive information makes Wiki a crucial source of information ("single source of truth"). Role modell status of executives and their active participation supports employee participation. Foster self dependend work in Wiki, e.g. designing own process descriptions. And last but not least, some task need to be delegated, like keeping existing information up-to-date or give approval after process revision.

You can operate a Wiki on your own IT premises and completely offline. In case you opt for a webserver each account is secured by login credentials and CAPTCHA. In both cases you can secure traffic with an security certificate ("https").

It is advisable to integrate the worker’s council at an early stage of the Wiki project. We have rarely seen any resistance to a Wiki implementation by the worker’s council, as long as the overall benefit is made transparent.

The implementation of a Wiki management system is no IT project! Our Qualitäts-Wiki is an organizational project to improve or build-up an interactive quality management. The IT part is limited to install and maintain the Wiki application (e.g. updates). The system governance will be carried out by the management representative.

According to (German) authorship legislation the author of an Wiki article is the creator of the content. Since the article was written during working hours, the ownership of the article (including new insights, innovations, etc.) belongs to the employer.